Anna Arpaci-Dusseau

MIT Student. Class of 2023. Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Software Engineer. Security Enthusiast.

Important Work

Covid-Vis Project

September-February 2021

Using React, Next.JS, d3, Python

In tangent with the CovidVis team as a UROP student, created an interactive story in React about the narrative around Covid-based data visualizations and how they developped over social media. Analyzes over 600,000 tweets with neural networks with the backbone of a flexible data dashboard to explore the large dataset dynamically.

CityScanner DataVis Dashboard

February-August 2020

Frontend in: JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Mapbox, d3. Backend In: Python, OSMNX GIS Library, MongoDB, Django

Created with the CityScanner group as apart of a UROP. This is a web-based data visualization dashboard integrated with Mapbox and D3-based graph widgets to show air quality data. The site and it's interfaces were designed with flexbility in mind and can be easily adjusted via configuration files to deploy for different cities and with different data overlays.

WIRE Project Website

August 2019

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Geopandas Map Background

A mobile optimized website template for the WIRE project for the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

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City of Madison Data Science Project

January-May 2019

Python, Jupyter Notebooks, Pandas, Geopandas

A study of the Madison City Budget using data science techniques in cooperation with Tyler Harter and students at UW Madison. I specifically focused on the Fire department and analyzing location of incidents, incident frequency, and overtime pay.

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June 2020

React, Node.js, MongoDB

Inspired by a group of friend's interest emotion-related vocabulariy, emonation is a website in which users can log-in via Google Auth and place a marker on an emotional landscape representing where they are emotionally. A new form of social network.

Pass the Recipe

January 2020

React, Node.js, MongoDB

A website created as apart of the MIT WebLab IAP class. It is a recipe website, but unlike a traditional recipe website, once you “Pass the Recipe” anyone can suggest edits, vote to find the best directions, and transform your recipe into something new.

Political Computing

June 2018

HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript

A work in progress website, home to research and opinions about political science and its interaction with CS. Also hosts the JavaScript Gerrymandering Sandbox.

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Alliance Online

November 2018

Python, Flask, Flask-SocketIO, JavaScript, Postgresql

Made in 24 hours by Anna A-D and Langston N., Alliance Online is a multiplayer strategy board game.

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Anna's Corner

March 2019

HTML/CSS, Node.js, Postgresql

Made in less than a day to learn about node.js and Postgresql, Anna's Corner is a simple blogging site. Drop by and leave a post!

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Dungeon Cubed.

May-June 2018

C#, Unity3D

Made over the course of several months by Anna A-D and Langston N., Dungeon Cubed is a isometric/3D dungeon crawling rougelike made in Unity/C# with inventory, enemies, skill/leveling, weapons, and 3 demo levels.

Personal Projects

As many people, I constantly maintain a list of dream projects that I'm excited about and/or working on. Ask me about any of these and I'll like you!

  • Island Flyover - a Unity3D game where users take control of a low-poly plane and can explore. Inspired by my love of Wii Sports Resort island flyover mini game.
  • The Code - A mysterious dungeon crawler video game in which players unlock an enigmatic code. Decrypting the code leads to a small real-world prize!
  • Rhythm Card Game - a deckbuilding card game combined with a fun camp-style hand clapping rhythm game in which players use cards that dictate different beats to play!


Proficient in: HTML/CSS, SQL, React, Python, Java, JavaScript (d3), C#/Unity, C, MongoDB

My first programming projects were games I made as a seven year old in Scratch. After that, all my projects have been hosted on GitHub. I tinkered with JavaScript and HTML before taking AP CS A and learning Java. Since my sophmore year, I have been making projects related to politics and computing while also participating in a few game jams.

I also am avaliable to do any free lance work in web development or other programming. I can do one on one tutoring in game programming or programming in general as well. Contact me!

Fun Stuff

I am a big fan of peanut butter, corn mazes, and web development. I also enjoy reading and writing questionable quality novels. My family owns two nameless cats (yes it's a bit confusing). I tried a brief stint in stand-up comedy (ask me about it), but as you may have gathered I do not have the knack. I love backpacking and once had the opportunity to go on a 45 day hiking trip in Alaska where wolves and bears were sighted!

I am also an avid Ultimate Frisbee player and a captain of MIT's womens ultimate team-- Smite!